National Pet Dental Month

February is the month of love! Hugs! Kisses!

If your pet’s bad breath makes them positively un-kissable, it’s time schedule their yearly checkup today. Bad breath may mean there is an issue with your pet’s teeth and gums. But it may also be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Either way, if dental conditions are left untreated, you may put your pet at risk for problems in their mouth (periodontitis) or with internal organs (heart disease).

The challenge most pet owners face is that even if their pet’s breath smells fine, some dental conditions are hard to spot.  Keeping your pet healthy from toe to tooth shows the world how much you love them. What is the best way to keep your pet in tiptop shape? Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup with us. We’ll do a thorough checkup, including a dental exam, to make sure your pet is at optimum health.

We’re committed to your pet’s well being every step of the way. To help each pet get the dental care they need, Grace Animal Hospital will be offering a 10% discount on all dental related products and services during the month of February. Book your pet’s appointment today!

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