At Grace Animal Hospital your pets become our pets. Our goal is to treat them as one of the family.

After Hours Care

Grace Animal Hospital strives to serve the needs of our clients by providing access to veterinary care after normal operating hours. Three local dedicated emergency clinics serve Grace Animal Hospital. If we are closed or unavailable in case of an emergency, an emergency contact number will be given for these two clinics. The Carolina Veterinary Specialist Animal Emergency and Trauma Center can be reached at 704-504-9608. UrgentVet Pet Clinic can be reached at 704-825-8868.

Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral problems come in all shapes and sizes. Destructive chewing, aggression, inappropriate urination, potty training, and so forth can often be very challenging. One of the most common reasons for pet abandonment at animal shelters is directly related to behavioral issues. We can develop a plan that not only encompasses prevention, but also treatment (environmental and pharmacological) of many types of behavioral problems.

Complete In-House Lab

Grace Animal Hospital has a complete in-house lab facility capable of getting most lab results in a matter of minutes, not days. Complete chemistry panels, complete blood counts, viral tests, heartworm tests, fecal exams, urinalysis, cytology exams, and so forth are all done while you wait.


Studies have proven two things in the area of pet dentistry. One is that proper care of your pet’s teeth can and will add years to your pet’s life. The second startling conclusion made from research is that pet dentistry is one of the most underserved areas of veterinary medicine. Grace Animal Hospital prides itself in not missing the little things that if let unattended could greatly diminish the quality and years of your pet’s life.


Itchy pet? Give us a call. Skin diseases in pets rank year after year as one the most common problems seen in veterinary medicine. Common causes of itchy skin range from seasonal and nonseasonal allergies, mites, bacterial and fungal causes, to more serious metabolic problems. Grace Animal Hospital taylors a plan to meet your pet needs. Only after first making the proper diagnosis of the cause of the problem, can the treatment begin. We focus on treating the problem, not just the symptoms.

Fear Free Certified Staff

Fear Free signifies a transformative approach to veterinary care that ensures a patient’s emotional well-being is given the same level of attention as their physical well-being. Each visit our staff will focus on the emotional needs of your pet to help reduce fear, anxiety, and stress. This approach to care at Grace Animal Hospital ensures not only healthy pets, but also improves the overall enjoyment of veterinary visits for both our clients and their pets.

General Medicine

As your veterinarian, it is our responsibility to cover all areas of your pets health. Pets present with all sorts of medical problems from diarrhea and vomiting, to excessive thirst and panting. Since our patients can’t tell us where it hurts, it is our responsibility to use all of our skills and training to diagnose the problem. Grace Animal Hospital uses the latest diagnostic equipment, tests, special consultants, referrals, and personalized service to have your pet on its feet again in no time.


Grace Animal Hospital provides overnight hospitalization and care of those pets whose needs require overnight care in a hospital environment.

Laser Therapy

We at Grace Animal Hospital are very concerned about pain management in pets. In keeping with this theme in our clinic, we have added the latest technology for joint and soft tissue pain problems, a “K-Laser” for Laser Therapy. This Laser reduces inflammation in joints and soft tissues which dramatically reduces pain. More importantly, though, is that Laser therapy is “biostimulatory”. This means it actually aids in repairing the damaged tissues and therefore improves strength and provides greater mobility. And there are no side effects!

Treatments last 3 to 8 minutes per site and require no anesthesia. Your pet will be very comfortable as this laser produces only a soothing warmth in the inflamed tissue. Laser Therapy for chronic conditions ca[l require 5 or 6 treatments initially to get your pet to a very comforta’ble situation. Booster treatments are then required every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain the reduced pain and improved mobility.

Since your pet is currently on a drug to reduce swelling and/or pain, we wanted you to know about this new therapy. Has your pet shown an intolerance to the drug or has your pet shown incomplete pain reduction? Is your pet still having difficulty getting around? Then your pet is a candidate for this therapy. Please call one of our staff, or talk to one of our veterinarians about this exciting, new, technology.


Our radiology suite allows us to perform complete radiologic exams without having to send your pet to a different location. Whether it be broken bones to a missing chew toy, we can see it all with our ability to radiograph (x-ray) your pet.

Surgery (Orthopedic and Soft Tissue)

Dr.Sprinkles and Grace Animal Hospital strives to meet all your veterinary needs. From routine spays and neuters, to more complex orthopedic procedures for broken bones and torn ligaments, these surgeries are done right in our office.

Wellness Care (Birth to Senior)

Grace Animal Hospital takes care of all stages of your pet’s life. From the precious 5 ounce newborn kitten to the febile 200 pound senior great dane, Grace Animal Hospital has their best interest at heart. Wellness care encompasses the “an ounze of prevention is worth a pound of cure” philosophy. Given the nature of animals to hide their illness even in the face of extreme sickness and the rate of aging of our pets, it is best to be proactive in their health rather than reactive. Wellness care includes routine physical exams, targeted core vaccinations, routine blood work screening, and risk assessment based on breed.

Please contact us today if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we care for your pet.